Two different prices are displayed for the "Ultimate Monthly" subscription

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For the “Ultimate Monthly” subscription, the price on the first page (Navigraph) is € 8.30, but if you click on subscribe, a different price of € 9.88 is displayed. How can I take out the subscription for the low price?

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The difference between the prices is EU VAT.

As a Swedish company Navigraph is in the EU. So EU VAT is applied to goods and services bought and sold for use within the European Union, which is where you are located.


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But you are not allowed to do that in the EU, because you have to specify a total price and you don’t know that it is without VAT and you advertise with the lower price, because you first have to register for the other price. So you’d better correct that soon.

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It is only supposed to show you the correct price, including EU VAT of your country of residence. I am not able to reproduce, it shows the full price on all places.

What browser are you using? Could you try with a different one just to test?