Is the "Navdata" only subscription still available?

Hi, Navigraph, I was wondering if the Navdata only subscription is still available, as I don’t see the option under the subscription’s page. I do currently have an ultimate subscription.



Please see Missing NavData Only option - #4 by airernie


Hi, Ian,
I tried to follow the directions in the post, but all I see are quick links.
I did also try on another browser with the same result, I will have a screenshot linked.

may I ask why you ask about the “Navdata only” subscription? Because you still have a valid ultimate subscription till November 2023. Therefore you see this page. Do you want to downgrade, or why do you need this “Subscription” …


Hi, NAVData I’m asking about the “Navdata only” subscription because
I wanted to know if it was still available,
and if it was cheaper than the current subscription I have active,
which is the Ultimate subscription. As I might switch over to that subscription after my current one expires.

Understood, yes the navdata only subscrption is still available and you can downgrade it after the end of your ultimate subscription.

And of course, it’s approx 50% cheaper (yearly sub) than an ultimate plan because it includes only the data but no IFR/VFR charts.

I’m a little bit curious why you want to switch? Is it only the price, or do you miss any functionality in our chart app? It’s very seldom and uncommon that someone changed from Ultimate to Navdata only. Therefore the question :roll_eyes:


And we think you will be very impressed with the new Charts version releasing soon.


Hi, NAVData,
Ok thanks for the clarification.
Yes It’s only the price why I’m considering switching.
I think that the functionality of the Chart app is excellent, I have no problems with it.
Again, It’s only the price why I’m considering switching.

Hi, Ian,
I really hope so, the trailers look amazing, and I’m confident that the Navigraph team has put a lot of work into it.

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