Two copies of Plane 12

I have two copies of Plane 12 on my Mac. I downloaded the second copy because the original became corrupted and I have yet to find a way of uninstalling it as it is unuseable. However, the FMS data manager will not instal the latest airac to the latest version, and although I tried to update manually by installing the xplane12_native_2211 into the custom data folder, the fms still declares that the nav data is out of date. I did try to change the file path in the FMS data manager but I couldn’t find a way of doing so. There must be a simple solution but it is eluding me. Any suggestions would be gratefully received

Drag the folder to the Trash, empty the Trash. Done!




As suggested, in Finder, right mouse on X-Plane 12 folder you don’t want and move to Bin.

In latest FMS Data Manager for macOS, in Settings page, for good X-Plane 12 path check path is correct. If not sure, navigate to and select the


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