Data manager does not offer auto update for x plane 12

I have just updated x plane 11 to the new airac cycle but i am transitioning to x plane 12. the FMS data manager does not seem to offer the same auto update for xp 12 that was availably for xp11 - or am i doing something wrong

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Operating Mac. Have used data manager to update airac for xp 11. All seemed to go ok but aircraft in xp11 still report airac out of date and do not load latest up date. Secondly, I am moving to XP12 but this does not seem to be covered by the auto update in the FMS data manager - how can I install an airac in XP12?

Hi …,


In FMS Data Manager Settings tab,

Make sure you have installed the latest FMS Data Manager

Check you have the correct X-Plane 12 path:

You can use the black folder icon to navigate to your x-plane.exe. Press Save .

In Addon Mappings tab, remove any X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 Addon entries if they exist. Press Scan, then Save.

In Addon List, select X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 Addon entries and press Update

Please let us know how you get on.


I have ended up in a real mess and wish I had not attempted to update the AIRAC. After running the data manager my aircraft still reported out of date Nav data. I identified that the data folder in xp still contained files dated 2020. So I deleted this and moved the most recent AIRAC manually to replace it. Following this, xp 11 could not be started - reporting that Nav data folder contained no procedures. I then restored the deleted files from the trash bin and, although xp 11 is running again, my frames rates are down to 10-14 - so useless really. I may need to reinstall xp 11 and all my add ons to recover from this. This has not been a good experience with navigraph - really don’t know what to do now but I think a one year prescription is probably an expensive mistake. Any hints about how to recover from this would be appreciated


Don’t despair, we shall get you through this. :slight_smile:

Using Finder, navigate to your X-Plane 12 directory and run X-Plane 12 Installer

Choose Update X-Plane. Press Continue (you dont want betas)

Check the updater has detected your X-Plane 12 directory

The installer should update your X-Plane 12 and restore the default Navigation Data.

Check your X-Plane 12 is now able to run correctly.

Then use he update procedures I posted above.


Hi Ian,

just to clear up. The problem I am having is with X Plane 11 (I have another issue with the airac on X P 12 but I will concentrate on XP 11 for the moment).

I deleted Everything in the data manager mapping window and performed the mapping exercise again and then updated XP 11 only with the FMS data manager. My test aircraft (737-800) FMS still shows out of date nav data and is showing data from 2020.

I checked my file structure and have this:

X-Plane 11 / Custom Data / CIFP/ then the Nav Data begins with OID.txt and runs through to JYYJ.txt (the information on this data shows it was created in May 23)

This is followed in the CIFP by the Nav Data from 2022 and another set from 2020; it is 2020 that my aircraft FMS is using.

Logically, I thought if I manually deleted the 2022 and 2020 data, this would force XP to read the 2023 airac, but when I tried this, XP just reports that it cannot load the Nav data (no procedures ) and so XP will not even start (I back-tracked from this position yesterday by undeleting the files from the Trash Bin - which got me working again but with a very low frame rate).

I have also noticed that my file structure contained a second Custom Data - so looked like this - X-Plane 11/ Custom Data / Custom Data / CIFP etc etc; I disabled this by renaming the second File to XCustom Data, But I can’t see that this has made any difference.

I did run an XP11 update yesterday from the installer, but as reported above, I still cannot update the airac.

Thank you for your help - not sure if the above will throw any light on the issue.



Hi Noel,

Using Guide to posting Screenshots

From FMS Data Manager Settings page, please post a screenshot of:

Your FMS Data Manager version:

Your X-Plane 11 path:


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I have attached the screenshots requested plus one additional which shows my file structure (and you can see the additional Custom Data which I have disabled with the addition of an X in the file name.

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Hi Noel,

Make sure X-Plane 11 is not running.

From what you have posted, in FMS Data Manager Settings, it seems your X-plane 11 path should be
/Users/NoelChris2/Desktop/X-Plane 11
Please set this, and press Save.

In Addon Mappings, select and Remove any X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 11 addons. Press Save, Scan and Save.
You should have X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 11 addons detected and displayed. If unclear please post a screenshot.

In Addon List, select X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 11 addons, and click Update.

Run X-Plane 11.

In your X-Plane 11 addons, you should have current AIRAC number and dates. If not please post a screenshot.