Invert route

I have been looking but can’t find. Can a navigraph plan be inverted either in game or when loading?
Would save a lot of work if that could happen. I like to simulate picking up and/or dropping off pax and return to original departure airport. Thanx, Headwind


In the future, please refrain from using old threads to bring up unrelated questions.

No, there is currently no such function in the Charts application. I have moved your post to the wishlist section, where we gauge community interest in new features before considering adding them to Charts! Feel free to vote for this yourself in the top left.

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I spent a long time looking for an answer before I posted. I am a paying customer and you may kiss my hind end. :blush:

I am sorry if what I wrote was offensive to you, it was never my intention! I am just trying to keep the forum structured and organized so that thoughts and ideas like yours get the recognition they deserve instead of being lost to an old, unrelated topic. I assure you that my intention was only to help, nothing else!

It is great that you spent time trying to find the answer, and we appreciate that you voiced your interest in such a feature so that we can track the community’s interest in it! I did not tell you to “use the search function” - I asked that you please post your ideas in new topics next time instead of reusing existing ones so that we can tend to your case individually since that is our idea of good customer support.
I then moved your post to a new topic for you, and let you know about this.

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I have not seen a flight plan program that does not have an invert plan function. I cannot believe a program as advanced as Navigraph does not.

I absolutely HATE going to forums for software.

As a real world flight dispatcher(long-haul and short-haul), I have never seen/come across a flight plan programme that has an invert (I guess you are talking about return-leg) feature, and I have used quite a few of them(Jeppesen, PPS, LIDO).

I would be a handy feature, but I can’t say it represent the real world.

And everyone using Navigraph(not simbrief) is a paying customer, so no need to stipulate that. And common courtesy is always a handly life skill:)

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I am sorry that you feel this way. We believe that we have answered your request in an appropriate manner without dismissing it, and I am not sure where your hate is coming from. Please do let us know if you believe that we have treated you unfairly in any way, since that is never our intention!

Thank you for the kind words!

You are free to suggest changes to our software, and all we ask in return is that you do it publically in this forum category so that we can gauge the user interest in your suggestion. This applies to all paying customers, not just you.

As you can tell by the other topics in this category and the amount of votes they have, other paying customers currently seem to be more interested in other features and since we want to satisfy as many of our customers as possible, we are naturally going for those features first!

You can vote for this topic yourself in the top left, and you are also free to share the topic around to attract attention to it. The more votes the topic gets, the higher the priority becomes!

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