Transfer wapoints from Simbrief to Little Navigraph

I want to fly from VNPL to VNLK in my E1000 .
Simbrief has generated 9 waypoints in between from start to finish.
How can I transfer this flight plan intoLittle Navigraph

There’s nothing called Little Navigraph. Maybe you’re trying to refer to ‘Little Navmap’. I don’t think LNM supports Simbrief Integration. Maybe you should paste Simbrief OFP route to LNM new route page.

Sorry I meant LNM.
Copy the flight plan waypoints in Simbrief and paste them into a new flight plan in LNM. Puting VNPL at the front of it and VNLK at the back.
Woolah !
You learn something every day.

Glad you were able to find a solution, thanks for letting us know!

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