Import Navigraph Flight plan into Simbrief

Hi. Can i make a flightplan in navigraph and then load it into simbrief ?


Hello Steen!

There is no “direct” way of doing so at the moment, and since SimBrief is a flight planner on its own it doesn’t make much sense to me. You can, however, do the following:

  1. Plan your flight in Navigraph Charts
  2. Export the flightplan using the Copy route to clipboard option
  3. Create a new flight in simbrief and select the appropriate departure/arrival airports + runways.
  4. Under the “Route” section, paste the copied route and remove the start/end waypoints containing the airport/runway/approach designators.
  5. Validate the route. If all is done correctly, it should be valid!

I know that this is quite contrived and way more complicated than it should be. I have asked the team about other solutions as well, perhaps we’ll see a better implementation in the future.

Kind Regards,

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