Total time shown in flight plan seems wrong

Apologies if this has been asked somewhere already - tried search on this and couldn’t find anything very similar.

I’m flying the DC-6 and am trying using the VOR only option in the Route Finder. That seems to work fine, but I’m seeing something odd in generated flight plan. The route is UTAA to OIII, and for one leg of this, although the EET is shown as 0035, the TTLT (total time) goes from 0056 at the previous waypoint to 0131 at the end of this leg. So that’s adding 75 minutes rather than 35 minutes.

See the screenshot below. I’m pretty new to all this, and so it could very well be pilot error, but any help appreciated, or perhaps it’s a glitch or bug?

Read the entry as 1 hour and 31minutes rather than total minutes.

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Ha ha ha - thank you! Duh! Bit slow on a Sunday morning obviously!

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