Flight time?

Where is the flight time, flight length, etc. displayed?

Flight length is here:

We don’t have flght time yet as that depends on the aircraft performance, which we have not yet implemented. It is on the roadmap however, and will come in a future update.

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Something I don’t want to believe that it will happen so soon. I’d sooner cancel my subscription. I’ve been testing for the second month and there’s a lot missing from this program. I can’t find myself in the maze of bugs that your program has, there is no way to plan any route without encountering a problem. I can successfully plan a flight plan, e.g. VFR, in Google Maps itself. Yes I know that software bugs are corrected on the fly, but this is still a substitute for what should be. Plus it’s displaying charts in the simulator. I write to you honestly with the thought that you also do the same. He who pays requires! No one seems to want to pay for half a product. I wish you good luck in the further development of the program because some start is already there. And thank you for your quick response. And now I need to get myself a good calculator for calculating flight time.


I can’t find any previous feedback by you. This software is rather new (two months old) but was in beta testing for 5 months with over 1,000 testers. “I can’t find myself in the maze of bugs that your program has” is a bit surprising given our feedback so far.

It would be more helpful to us if you actually documented those bugs and submitted them as posts (one for each issue) in this forum. In this way we can actually respond and address those items.

We are developing this software very actively, as you might tell from our changelog. It isn’t perfect yet. If you’re not up for interacting with us to address whatever issues you may have, then contact account support and ask for a refund.



I would also like to have the function. Display of flight time, arrival time and if it should be perfect, then the indication of when to start the descent. That would be great if the info can be displayed on the maps. At this point, compliments what you all develop!

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