Small suggestion regarding times for new Simbrief look

Hi all,

Really loving the new Simbrief look and features.

I found one small detail that might be a bit confusing/worded better. When generated a flightplan, an Air Time and a Flight Time is stated. Flight Time being from gate to gate (air time + taxi in/out times). In my opinion it would be more correct to formulate time from takeoff to landing as Trip Time or Flight Time and time from gate to gate, trip time plus taxi time, as Block Time. What do you guys think?


Hi, thanks for the feedback!

Personally I like Air Time, since it’s quite obvious that it’s the takeoff to landing time, even for beginners.

“Block Time” might indeed be a better choice instead of “Flight Time” though. Will look into this for the next update.



I’ve changed it to Block Time now in version 2.9.0.

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