There are some navdata wrong in zsqd

So, today i’m flying around ZSQD an found your’s navdata was wrong:

wfg 91d rwy34 should be a straght line after takeoff but:
I’ve checked your navdata it should relate to this:

there maybe more wrong whith this kind of airport.

Hi Jamse,
sorry, I guess you don´t use our data or any outdated data. I assume (because you haven´t wrote which sim and which addon you use here) that you are using any X-Plane addon.

I have looked into our data and here I have a complete other picture of the WFG91D SID out of ZSQD:

You see, we don´t have the VI-leg in our dataset, so I assume that you are using any other one. For me, it looks ok so far.


but i use cycle 2109

ZSQD.dat (84.8 KB)
i added some scecret procedure would you guys ban other from download this file?
i’m too lasy to delete it

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