X-Plane custom data format

I’m trying to decipher the procedural navdata for the GNS430 that comes with X-Plane. I have an old document from 2004 which allowed me to pretty much work out what the format of the data for the Airports, ATS, Navaids and Waypoints files but I’m struggling with the airport procedures files.
I have searched for Digital Aviation FMS format but to no avail and I’ve tried comparing the raw data
to the charts, but there is still a lot that does not make any sense. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Trevor,
sorry the question, but its important because the data are copyrighted and may not be used for any other application (excluding for your own). Why do you need this information? What do you want with it? When you need it to analyze an issue, please let us know what issue you have and we will look on it.

Thank you

Hi Richard,
I was under the impression from other posts that I have read that the Digital Aviation dataset was freely available to use and is used by several add on’s?
I’m building a flight planning app for my own use, however I may release it as freeware at some point in the future if I feel it is good enough (LittleNavMap sets the bar pretty high!)
So far I have deduced the following using the available documentation and a bit of detective work:

Header Format
type,name/ident,runway, unk
leg Format
leg type,name/ident,lat,lon,turn dir?,ref navaid,navaid bearing,distance,course,distance,alt flags,alt1,alt2,speed flags,speed,unk,appr flags?,overfly

CA Leg
leg type,turn dir?,course,alt rest, alt1,alt2?,unk,unk,unk,unk,unk

alt flags
0 = none
1 = at
2 = above
3 = below
4 = between

appr flags
0 = none
1 = IF?
2 = FAF?
3 = MAP?

As you can see, I’m unsure of some of the data and was hoping you could fill in the blanks (unk) for me?


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