Telemetry Data in Moving Map GPS ETE GS DIS etc

Would love to see telemetry data within the map. I feel Navigraph is completely naked right now and It should really be added. I appreciate everything that’s been done so far, but Navigraph really missed a completely simple implementation that would make it complete, at least for some of us. I really can’t use it for anything else besides charts.

Here’s an example of real-world what we use on every single EFB, the ticker tape in the bottom with telemetry data.


just some examples

ForeFlight20App.png (584×438) (

Thank you

Hi! Thank you for the feedback and welcome to the forum!

We are already working on the design for this feature, so it is coming! However, most of the team is on summer holiday, so it won’t be too soon. We are really excited about this as well!

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Awesome, thank you for the update! August is coming up, all of Europe goes on holiday, enjoy

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Please check out the Telemetry widget in today’s app update!



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Loving the new update with the telemetry data! Will more data be added soon? As the original thread poster mentioned, I would like to also see ETA to Destination as well as Ground Speed. Will these items be coming soon?

Both of these should already be available! Just press the “Add metric” button or press on any of the currently shown metrics to bring up a list of options:

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Perfect! Got it! Any plans to make those telemetry “tiles” movable so I can put them in the order I want?

It would be cool for sure! We have discussed it as a future improvement but no ETA yet. In the meantime, you can press on any pill to change the displayed information. Not as easy, but it works!
Glad you like it!

OK, got it. I did like you said to create my own order. Thank you!

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