TEBRA2G EGKK arrival not found in FBW a320


Per the title, I cannot find the Tebra 2G approach in the a320. . It doesn’t show when I use the up and down arrows (only the 26 versions).


No star

I have the latest cycle installed:

What could be going wrong here?

I have tried to reproduce it but I can´t … when I select the ILS08R, I get the list of STARs, including the TEBR2G

Using sim-version, FBW A320 latest dev version, AIRAC 2207, stock scenery:

Do you possible use any 3rd party scenery? Or have you tried to re-org your content-file?

Here you find a short instruction, how you can re-order your content-file, when it´s a mess:


I will check this indeed and report back. I did install gatwick scenery the other day.

So I checked, rebuild the contents.xml and also moved gatwick scenery above navigraph (as other airports are) but to no avail.

Other users are also reporting it. Seems that it has to do with the mod maker closing the currently under construction runways in the scenery file. Maybe something you could help with? As the runway might be closed for a while?

… ok, in this case it"s not a navdata issue its a 3rd party scenery issue. Because when you remove this scenery, and use the stock scenery you can immediately select this procedure.

So, the data are included and correct.


PS: By the way: why should the runway 08R/26L removed? It’s closed on special days in the night, according notams but this runway is still existing … ???

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