No more SID and STAR after SU?


I use CJ4 (with Working Title addon V0.12.6) since last Sim update 5 I didn’t have any star or SID available.
for example, for a LICC departure, just one runway is available.

For arrival at LGKV, it is the same concern. Only approach are available but no Star in the list.

Is it a additional issue due to SU5 ?

I have checked your report (default Sim, AIRAC 2107 rev. 3 and the WT CJ4 v0.12.6) but I can´t reproduce it:

Here the departure page (both runways available, all SIDs):

The same for LGKV (all approaches, all STARs available and selectable):

Maybe your scenery file is “cluttered”. Follow eactly! the steps from the FAQ here and try the same again - it should work, as you see.


Hi Richard
Thanks for your answer.
It seems the issue is due to my sceneries.
I removed LICC and LGKV sceneries and SID / STARS are now availables.
I don’t understand because I made the same test with the CRJ700 and there was no issue even if sceneries was installed. The issue is only with other planes than the CRJ

yes, it could be a scenery issue. When the devs set the delete flags for the terminal procedures in their scenery. May I ask which sceneries you use? Than I can take a look on it.

When you mean the Aerosoft CRJ, then it’s clear why this addon is working because the CRJ don’t use the in-game data, it use a own dataset which is completly independent to the sim data (stock or our data). Most of the upcoming addons will use own datasets to avoid such dependencies.

So, let me know which sceneries you are using than I can check it.

Thank you

I used LGKV scenery find on this link

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Hi again,
I have checked the LGKV scenery and I have found out that the runways are completely outdated.

When you have installed these scenery, you see following runways:

… the stock scenery in the sim has the 05/23 and 23L/05R but thats a result of a wrong bing-map (possible the scenery-designer had also used this image):

… but in reality, there are only 05/23 … no left/right, therefore the sim can´t assigned the included terminal procedures to the runways because the scenery has no 05/23 runway.

here the Jeppesen charts for LGKV - you see only 05/23 and the the “xxxx” on the parallel runway, which will be now used as taxiway.

Hope that helps - it´s no WT CJ4, no SU5 nor a navdata issue, it´s simple a scenery issue. Therefore don´t trust only the sceneries :wink: - compare the data/charts with the scenery first :wink:

Many thanks for your help and information


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