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I’m currently flying a TACAN equipped aircraft (F14 by IndiaFoxEcho) on MSFS.

Today I attempted to fly the HI-TACAN Rwy 08 into Goose Bay Airport (CYYR). However, I very quickly encountered an issue where the aircraft was picking up the ILS instead of the TACAN. Realistically, this should not be an issue for the aircraft because it is not equipped with ILS.

Note 1: many airports in Canada utilize the same VHF frequency for a multitude of navigational aids. In my case, the ILS frequency was the same as the VHF DME carrier frequency on the TACAN.

Note 2: The aircraft’s TACAN system works perfectly fine when there are no other navigational aids interfering. Only once I was outside of the usable range of the ILS would the TACAN work.

It is my understanding that this is a limitation of possibly the navigation data or MSFS. I am looking for a workaround, if possible?

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Hi Andrej,
thats nothing what we have in our hands. We only offer the data but not the logic behind. So, I assume that is a MSFS limitation, sorry.

Does this happen only with our data installed, or also with the stock navdata?


It works the same regardless of which navdata I have.

I was just wondering if there’s a way for me to temporarily disable all localizers?

No, it seems this is a MSFS limitation than, sorry. There is no real workaround possible.


Richard is right.
Since the ILS localizer and the TACAN share the same frequency but not the same operational range, the only workaround IMO is to select the TACAN reception while the ILS is not yet active (that is before 25-27 NM). Then it should remain locked on the TACAN receiver (to be tested). While ILS is in range, it will be automatically selected instead.


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