Tableted mode

I have a question. I am using a windows laptop in tableted mode. When using Navigraph charts app in tableted mode there is no way to move form Navigraph charts app to any other app since it is full screen and there is nowhere to touch in order to minimize it.
Is there a way around this?

Hi Mircea,

I just enabled Tablet mode on my laptop and was able to access Charts Desktop and show the Minimise/maximise bar at top right.

I was also able to swipe from left of screen to get access to opened windows including Charts Desktop.

Alternately, you can try accessing from a browser.


Thanks for the answer, Ian. For some reason on my laptop Minimise/maximise bar does not appear, neither in "normal’ or ‘tableted’ mode.

Hi Ian,
Having seen your screenshot, I have reinstalled the Navigraph app, and now I can see bar. Problem solved. Thank you!

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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