Cannot minimize charts windows in W10

This started to happen today; I can not minimize the charts window in W10.
I already followed the solution about editing window-state.json, the file seems to be per the suggestion, but every time I open Navigraph I cannot minimize the window.


Maybe you are in Full Screen mode? Please my post my posts and Malte’s post at Cannot minimize Charts app - #4 by Ian


I don’t think so, but can you let me know where I can choose to minimize it in the program? Because I don’t see any of the icons. I cannot even move the screen. Any other program in that monitor I can minimize it except Navigraph.

I just uninstalled Navigraph Charts and installed it again, it looks like that is the only solution for this issue.
Thanks, Ian.

For clarity, is the problem resolved? Do you now see the minimise button and can you minimise the application?


Yes, the problem is resolved now. I can see the minimize button, and I can minimize and move the application window. Thanks.