Navigraph Charts Desktop has disappeared

Hi, I used to have Navigraph Charts desktop icon on my desktop. I printed off a couple of charts yesterday and was told there was a new version available. Clicked OK and today it has gone. If I log in to my account now it tells me I have a valid subscription and then takes me to my profile page. I can’t do anything else. If I click next , it just brings me back there. What is going on ? This is very annoying.

I can log in to charts on my account online, and show routes and charts on my screen, but there is no longer any way to print them out. The printer icon on the right tab is no longer there. I really need to have these with me on my flight. I do not want to overlay on my screen.


Only Charts Desktop has a print function, no other app.

I suggest you download it again from



My fault Stephen, I missed the left hand pane of the Profile window, because the window wasn’t full screened. Downloaded the desktop app from your link above and all is working again. Print button is back at the bottom of the list.

Many thanks for the quick solution.

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