Suggested routes do not conform to SID

Today, on Centre in CZEG, over four hours EVERY jet departure choosing a routing on Simbrief used the non-jet routing out of CYYC. I realize that it is the pilot’s responsibility to know what’s what, but Simbrief is compounding this problem dramatically. On busy days, we cannot give route amendments to every flight and “educate” pilots. I hope some solution can be devised to cross-reference aircraft type to SID to routing options. Thanks.

Hi Tony,

The reason this is an issue out of CYYC specifically is that they aren’t using SIDs, but rather different initial waypoints for props vs jets (i.e. BITGA/PEVLU, VETBI/LOMLO, etc). Unlike for SIDs/STARs, there is nothing in the AIRAC data that identifies these waypoints as being for props or jets, so it’s more difficult to reliably identify and prioritize them based on aircraft type.

With that said, I’ve made some adjustments in an attempt to better identify which real world routes are meant for which aircraft type. It still isn’t perfect, but so far it seems to be much more consistent. Let me know if you notice an improvement.

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Yes, it would be much easier if the exits from the TCA were structured as transitions, and even better if the jets/non-jets didn’t share several southerly waypoints.

I appreciate your effort to improve things as best you can. T.

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