Subscription Length of time

22.03,203 I bought the Airac 2302 and would like to cancel the access until April 22nd.
Can I still load the Airac 2303 for free until April 22nd?

With kind regards

Hi Wolfgang,
it´s not for really “free” because you have paid for it :slight_smile: … but yes, you´re started with March 22 and the next payment (auto renewal) would be April 23 2023.

That means, you are a lucky man … because you have 2302, 2303 and when you´re a fast also 2304 because the release date of AIRAC 2304 is April 20th :slight_smile: … so, when you cancel the auto-renewal you can download 2304 too because then you´re subscription ends on April 22 :slight_smile:

Hope that helps (and I also hope that this question was only a question and you wouldn´t un-subscribe :slight_smile: )

Schönen Abend & servus aus Wien,

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