Problems using Fenix V2 AIRAC after subscription termination


I did not continue my Navigraph Subscription, AIRAC 2305 being the last
one I own. I read in the forum that one could continue to use this last

And that seems to be correct: I can use AIRAC 2305 in SimBrief, also
FSiPanel uses AIRAC 2305. Fenix A320 in the past also did this.

However, in order to use the new Fenix V2 update it was recommended to
uninstall the Fenix first. As a consequence the uninstallation also
wiped out my last valid AIRAC cycle within the Fenix.

When I now check in the MCDU it says: 12AUG21 - 08Sep21

Is there a way to get hold of my last valid 2305 cycle? I tried to
reinstall FMS data manager but without a current subscription I can’t
use it.

thank you,

  • Andy

Hi Andy,
no there is no possibility to get an outdated cycle. We remove older cycles and also we have no possibility to distribute it in some way. Sorry …

Also, it is possible that there are some changes between V1 and V2 in the navdata format - not in this case because both use the same format, but it could happen, also in the future.

Sorry to hear, that you have stopped your subscription. May I ask about the reason? Was it a technical one or “only” a private reason?

Hope we see you in the future here. In the meantime, all the best and happy flying :slight_smile:


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