Unable to update AIRAC (despite Ultimate Yearly subscription)

TODAY and RIGHT NOW, I am unable to update to AIRAC 2209 as I should anyway (08Sep22 - 05Oct22). You took the money already, - my money - $74.90 for the Yearly subscription!!! So this being sad, WHY I am not eligible to update my purchased products? WHAT does it means exactly???

oh oh … please come down a little bit and give us more details please … I only can confirm that you have a valid subscription but nothing more.

Do you get any error message or what?

We can´t help you without any details, screenshots or similar else. Just shouting loudly into the world is not enough to support you, sorry. We help where we can so fast as we can, but with such postings we can´t … Thank you very much.


You are the ONE you should come down. There is no errors messages at all - there is nothing to report! It looks like my subscription is actually DEACTIVATED. So fix that! Of course I have a internet connection with 10 GB/s and a network Card which supports this download and upload speed. What should I tell you more…?

Here that your subscription is not deactivated, so it must be an issue on your end:

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PS: the question is, why do you think that your subscription is deactivated - where do you see this? Do you see any error message or similar else? So, why do you mean that your subscription is deactivated?
And what had your internet connection speed todo with your deactivated subscription?

Long story short ( auf Österreichisch => Langer Rede kurzer Sinn)

BTW (and as you should know)

  1. Without Internet, no AIRAC updates. It is as simple as that!

  2. AND of course I know I have a valid subscription, because I have payed it. So you don’ t need to upload and PUBLISH any pictures of my OWN account details. This is a private matter !!!I know my account details very well!!!

  3. As I sad before, there is NO ISSUES on my end. The latest AIRAC does not update!!! That’ s the point. So please make sure I can update my purchased products now.

So second and last call, please reduce your voice or you will be banned from this forum … the screenshot doesn´t offer any personal details to you, there is no reference to your account …

When you press on the “remove” button - what happened? Get you than the blue “install” button?

After that … un-install the Navigraph Navdata Center, reboot your system and install it again. You have upgraded your account in July and it´s possible that your account is cached on your system and therefore the Navigraph Navdata Center looks on this cached details which are obsolete.


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