Stutters when used together with 310R

Hi there, I encountered a very weird issue with the in game panel loaded and flying the 310R from Milviz/Blackbird. With both installed in the community folder the 310R experiences very brief and rapid stutters/pauses. This is even with the panel closed. Witht he beta ingame panel removed from the community folder the 310R is once again smooth the fly. I have not noticed this with any other aircraft to date although mostly flown the BN2 with the panel active (and nil issues). Unsure if this is just my setup or an actual issue.

Have a play with the settings regarding moving maps and follow me modes, be interested to see if you get the strange stutters after playing with the settings.

Hello Ty, welcome to the forum, and thank you for the feedback!

That sounds peculiar, I have no idea how a specific addon combination would cause issues. Do you get worse performance than usual in the 310R normally (without the panel)?

I agree with @nomancs69 as well, please try to see if disabling moving maps fixes the issue. Does the issue persist even when it is disabled and you do not interact with the panel?

If MM is the issue, then this is likely related to this thread.

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Closing this as it is without a doubt related to the linked thread.

Please see the latest update over there:

Thanks for bringing this up! Your feedback is much appreciated.

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