Strange arrival frequencies for LFPG

I was flying into LFPG and the ATC told me to tune to 140.57 for arrival. I couldn’t tune that frequency in the Aerosoft A320 (P3d v5). I looked in the Charts app and it lists two strange arrival frequencies for LFPG. 140.575 and 138.575. Is this a data error?



Please post screenshots of Charts showing the “strange arrival frequencies”, and the Chart Number using Guide to posting Screenshots


both are military approach frequency with 8.33 kHz spacing (not support in P3D) - so, no data error … Not sure, why the ATC addon which you are using offers these frequencies, sorry. What I can´t reproduce is, where you have seen these frequencies on our charts … therefore, as Ian asks - please provide us a screenshot with the corresponding chart - thank you.

All in all, no data error - simple military frequencies …


This is from the comms data for LFPG in the Charts app. That’s where I’m seeing the frequencies above 136.x and I’m assuming where my ATC app is getting them from.

A right … because these information comes from our data-source and also here you see the additional info to the “Military” frequencies. So, no error :slight_smile: … possible in the ATC program, I don´t know but the frequencies are existing in real …

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Ok. So I’m assuming because they’re military, that’s why I can’t tune them on an airliner. Thanks for the quick response. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes and no :slight_smile: … I guess more, because the P3D sim doesn´t support three digits after the comma - also P3D doesn´t support 8.33 kHz spacings. So, there are two “issues” - one why your ATC offers you a military frequency when you fly an airliner :slight_smile: … and second, you can´t enter it due the 3rd digit :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your kind words … let us know, when we can do more for you …

Have a nice day and happy flying

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