STARs into EGLL not loading

Hi all,

I’m new to simbrief/navi and I’ve been having some issues with my first flight plans and was hoping people on here could please help?

When planning my latest route and any other route for the matter I cannot seem to get navi to load any STARs into my OFP, the system programmes in my SID no problem but after my arrival I just a straight line to my destination airport (EGLL RW27L in this occasion). Really frustrating cause when I go into the sim I need to manually add the ILS approach on the MCDU. Is there something I’m missing here?

Thanks in advance!



I believe you mean the STAR is loading but the Approach is not.

This is consistent as advised in

“SimBrief does not include approach procedures, only the SID, STAR, and route. This is why normally it is recommended to plan your flight in SimBrief first, then import into Charts to select an approach, etc.”


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thanks for the reply, I was being thrown off by a couple of youtube video tutorials which appear to show the “find sid/star” button giving the option of adding approaches to the OFP.

I’ve now fixed my issue with the help of your response. Thanks again. I’m amazed with this software and how it so seamlessly integrates with MSFS202. Just need to brush up on adding the OFP and departures/approaches to my MCDU.

Thanks again!

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