Latest AIRACs....missing STAR waypoints?

Edit: I’m thinking navdata issue, as Simbrief doesn’t import the STAR…that’s entered in the FMC/MCDU etc…

Latest AIRAC data seems to have issues across both Xplane and MSFS. Specifically, only the first waypoint in a STAR is being loaded into flightplans once I select the arrival procedures.

Most recent examples: MSFS FNX A320 into KBUR, LPFR, CYYZ; Xplane 11 INI A300 into CYVR, CYYZ.

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Hi, as far as I know, most add-ons do not load the SID/STAR routing when importing from SimBrief. The procedure is normally to import the route, then load the SID/STAR using the departure/arrival pages in the FMC/MCDU.

This is the way it has always been I believe. Is this what you’re seeing now or is it a different issue?

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