STARS for LFLC missing in MSFS data


I have AIRAC 2302 Rev 6 installed in MSFS and I don’t have any STARS for this airport in MSFS flight planning utility nor in the PM50 GTN750 (I assume it’s using the same data).

In LittleNavMap, with the AIRAC 2302 Rev 1 data (this is the last version FMS data manager provides) I have all the STARS for LFLC.

Can you help ?



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Hi Franck,
sorry for the delay of this answer. Thank you very much for your posting.

I can confirm, that LFLC has no STARs. I have looked into our database I see STARs so it seems you have identified a bug somewhere. Please give me a little bit of time to check this and hopefully to fix this.

I let this topic open and sign it as bug. As soon I have fixed it, I will come back and will inform you … hope thats ok for you.

Thank you very much for your posting - I do my best to fix it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer Richard.

No problem Franck, I will look on it in the next days and give you feedback.


Hi again Franck,
I now can confirm, that this is a bug - sorry … We have now started to fix this and possible we release a new revision before the new cycle 2303 comes out - depending on the tests.

Sorry again & will keep you inform here, when it´s fixed …

Thanks for your patience and understanding