LFSB with FSDT / Missing STARs?


Using FSDT LFSB scenery, latest version with Navigraph Data Center 1.04 and AIRAC 2112 and I don’t see any available STARs for LFSB, I only see SIDs.

Correct me if I’m missing something but according to charts there should be ARPU8K, LUME8K and STR8K available, no?

I tried a delete of contents.xml and reinstall of AIRAC data as described in other forum posts but no luck.

Can anyone else check to see if the have STARs with FSDT LFSB?

Here’s my content.xml
Content.xml (9.5 KB)

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Mine are all missing too. Approach transitions are still available though. This is on FBW A32NX

yes same issue, with th FSDT LFSB Scenery installed there are now STARs listed.

… and you are using the latest Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.5 - correct?

I don’t have this scenery, but can you confirm that this 3rd party scenery has two runways: 15/33 and 07/25


Hi Richards,

The runways available in-game are 15/33 and 08/26, I imagine that’s what’s causing the problem. I see now also that default MSFS airport has same issue. I guess there’s nothing to do except wait for a scenery update to correct the runway designations?

Right, thats exactly the issue. Sorry, this limitation/bug/feature in MSFS is a very bad one and we can’t really do anything.

We must wait, either fixed due a scenery update or a fix, which fixed this filtering in the sim, when runways are missing or idents are wrong as in this case …


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