STAR missing on the list

In Navigraph Charts, for LFRH, on the STAR list, there is BAGAD 1K. But in the arrivals list, BAGAD 1K isn’t there.
In X-plane, in the GPS and in the FMS, BAGAD 1K isn’t in the arrivals list.
BAGAD 1K is not a transition.
Do you know why?


Hi Bastien,
first of all welcome here in our forum and thank you very much for your report.
I have checked the notams and the source database and I afraid, I haven´t found any answer of this. ARE1K, BAGAD1K, ADSET1L, … all STARs with a DmeArc part. So, it seems that has something todo with a possible DME maintenance. The notams are not 100% clear but it looks like because it´s strange that the DmeArc STARs are not included.

I would wait to the next AIRAC and I will look on it, when it´s out. When it´s still missing, we will ask Jeppesen for the reason. Hope thats ok for you!


Okay, no problem.
We will contact each other on April 22.

No, I will try to find this out before Bastien because normally, we get the new cycle-file 10-12 days before the effective release. So, as soon as we have the new cycle-file, I can look on it and I will inform you here. I will be still open this topic for a final answer …

Cheers and thank you!

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Hi Bastien,
just an update - I have checked the new upcoming AIRAC 2104 now - the STARs are still missing. Therefore, I will ask our dataprovider about the reason, possible I oversee something here because I can´t find any reference to this. Sorry, keep you informed …

Cheers and have a nice sunday,


Thanks for the informations.