LFLU not showing STARs and SIDs


On https://charts.navigraph.com/, when I open charts for LFLU, no STARs or SIDs show in the list, while they do on LFLS.

On the charts from Jeppesen I have printed on April 22nd 2021, the STARs and SIDs still exist. Same on French eAIP system:


Is that a bug in the data? In the app? On my side?

Thanks in advance,


I had an actual flight this morning, turns out the SIDs and STARs from LFLU are currently being removed.
Indeed the Jeppesen charts still show STARs and SIDs, but the SIDs actually have a frame for “Omnidirectional Departure”. These omnidirectional departures will replace the previous SIDs, and STAR will disappear. So you may simply be so up to date that I got suprised :slight_smile:



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