KLGA missing SID/STARs

Was flying from KATL to KLGA in the FBW A320 and noticed there were no STARS associated with KLGA. only the runway ILS/RNAV. Tried with several different planes and had the same result. The AIRAC in the A320 is Dec3-30. Just wanted to make sure I wasnt screwing anything up. I have installed the 2014 AIRAC cycle in msfs2020. Thx!

sorry for this delayed answer but we have to figure out where the problem was in the last couple of days.
We have uploaded a 2nd revision for AIRAC 2014. So please update your cycle with the current revision and all terminal procedures should be back again.

I have tried the KLGA procedures:
SIDs Rwy13 - examples:

STARs Rwy 22 - examples:

Sorry again and thanks for your report. Let us know, when you need any more assistance.

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