Ssg native 2101

Greetings Ian,

I know that you’re just about to issue AIRAC 2102 but before you publish it could you please make sure that the following files at updated as these files in 2101 were outdated versions and can’t be used on XP11.50

earth.fix.dat, earth.nav.dat and earth.awy.dat. The 2101 files were for version 600, 810 and 640 respectively.



Hi Terry,

AIRAC 2102 files releasing in approx 4 hours have version 600, 810 and 640 in their headers also. What is is the issue here?


Greeting Ian,

The problem is that SSG Native is supposed to be the file to download for their ERJ 175/195 jets (see SSG ERJ on manual download list) but these 600, 810 and 640 versions files don’t work on XP1150+ and XP when it starts says that these are out-of-date files. It says XP needs 1100 or higher versions.