Further Problem with SSG Native 2101

I thought that the problem I was having with inputting the departure airport in the SSG ERJ 195 FMS was just a downloading error but having downloaded SSG Native 2101 again for a flight out of CYVR, I have had the FMS Route page refused to accept CYVR, once again, as the departure airport and the FMC won’t accept any ICAO codes into the destination box.

Could you please have a look at this as well and see whether you can sort this problem out.



Hi Terry,

I don’t have the SSG ERJ 195 to test. I doubt it is an navdata issue.
Maybe try AIRAC 2102 releasing in approx 4 hours to confirm.

Check the SSG forum ?


Thanks Ian,

Will do. I’ll check their forum as well but my initial reaction was, because I was trying to input FMS data, that it might be a corrupt .dat file. However, I’ve reloaded the proc. dat file and this hasn’t worked so I’ll have to look elsewhere.