AIRAC 2101 installed but not recognized in PMDG FMC (B738)

Hello, I have downloaded the latest AIRAC (2101). On the Ident-page of my FMC (PMDG B738) it says: ‘AIRAC - 2101 JAN28FEB25/21’. However the FMC still gives the message ‘NAV DATA OUT OF DATE’. Please advise. Never had such an issue before.

Answered in the FAQ

Most likely you are loading a saved situation outside the valid airac period.

to me again from the airac 2101 do you know why he does not update them at 2102?

Because the current AIRAC cycle is 2101 … !?!

I have finally got the AIRAC 2101 installed and all aircraft find it. I am on an iMac, but the directory structure should be the same for all OS’s.
I used the FMS Data Manager for the initial update which allows the Tools airbuses to find the new data. However for the GNS430 data for FF B757, FFB767, X-Crafts, etc. I needed to manually put the downloaded X-Plane_customdata_native_2101 into the (X-Plane11/custom data/GNS430/Navdata/ in the expanded navdata. In other words, don’t put the folder Navdata in the X-Plane/custom data/GNS430/Navdata folder but the 5 files and the Proc folder in that folder. This was after I did the usual manual copy/paste of downloaded GNSdata in the Custom Data/GNS430 folder as usual.
This above added step must have resulted in a X-Plane recent update; i.e “Screwup”!!!