General Feature Request (summarized)

Dear Derek,

thank you for this great tool. I’ve been using it a lot throughout discovering this product.
However, some advantages would be highly appreciated and from the point of view of our virtual airline a great enhancement:

  • Display of the En-Route Alternate (ERA) location

Would it be possible to show this range in your map to make it easier to select a suitable aerodrome? The same would be great when using the Take-Off Alternate (TALT).

  • Fleet Management

While it is now possible to assign own airframes and share them via the “Share Aircraft” button, it came up to me that the link is not working anymore when changing details in this certain aircraft. Long story short, changing an item in 12-15 aircraft means to copy all those links again to share them.

Would it be possible a) to create a fleet with subsidiary airframes under it and only share one link or b) have continuous valid links, even after changing details?

Furthermore two details would be highly appreciated in flight planning in relation to a certain airframe:

  1. Minimum Fuel-On-Board (min. FOB) at Destination
  2. max. cruising Altitude (or FL)
  • ETOPS/EDTO Threshold Distance

I am missing a function to determine the correct Threshold Distance in relation to an assigned One-Engine Inoperative (OEI) Speed. Using a target scenario of “180min” for ETOPS, I am currently not aware of it’s distance which would vary by each type of aircraft by it’s assigned OEI speed and so the range, which usually varies between somehow around 380-425 NM depending on type of A/C and operator.

Last but not least, my former operator has already changed it’s description from Weight (Zero Fuel Weight - ZFW e.g.) to Mass (Zero Fuel Mass - ZFM e.g.).

Would you be so kind to enable us to switch to this more accurate and already implemented physical unit?

Thanks so far for all your efforts!

Hi Alex,

I have implemented some of your suggestions.

Display of ERA and TALT ranges on the map has been added:

Note that the TALT search distance is viewable and customizable using the “Maximum Search Distance” option to the right of Takeoff Alternate options. This value can also serve as an indication of the OEI 60 minute range SimBrief uses for that aircraft, though changing it does not currently affect the ETOPS calculations. Only the TALT finder.

I have added an additional airframe sharing URL that is always updated if you subsequently change the airframe details:


Finally, I have added an airframe option to customize the service ceiling, which can effectively be used to limit the aircraft to a given altitude.

The other requests may come in a future update.

Best regards,


Outstanding. It’s a pleasure to see how fast you are adapting these advantages. Thank you!

Amazing work! And at that speed…

Dear Derek,

we have experienced an urgent problem. While sharing the lower link (latest version), Weights and Passenger Weight’s are screwed. This happens only with the lower link with all aircraft.

Could you have a look?

Sorry about that Alex, should be fixed now!

No need to regenerate or update your share links, the existing links should load correctly.

Derek, awesome!

Thank you so much!

This is great stuff Derek! Thanks so much man. I don’t know what simming would be like without SB!

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