Block fuel and planned landing fuel

Hello, Im a manager of flight dispatch at a major part 121 airline and avid flight simmer. In flight dispatch we use block fuel and planned landing fuel functions all the time. Block fuel meaning we have the ability to enter the total amount of fuel on the aircraft. An example of when simmers would use this function would be if they planned for a higher altitude but vatsim ATC amends their altitude to something lower as final. This would likely cause an increase in burn. By entering their total block fuel that was originally planned would show them how their fuel is effected. Also a great function for any ATC rerouting.

At my company, we fly Airbus and have a different planned minimum landing fuel per varient. A320neo 4600lbs, A319 5000lbs, 320ceo 5500lbs, and A321 6000lbs. When planning my flight on simbrief and determine no extra fuel is nessesary, i have to add the extra fuel on top of reserve to equate to the minimum fuel. This takes many release generations and gets a little time consuming. Having the functionality to plan minimum landing fuel woukd be great. Coukd see it implemented either in the planning page or an option to be set on a custom aircraft profile.

Both functions are very basic in the world of flight planning and hope to see them implemented in future updates now that Navigraph has taken over. Thank you for your consideration.


Yees ! that is what i wanted from a long time . We use 1800kgs for 737 here … so it would be useful in case altn airport is very close and res+altn is less than our minnimum.

Hi, your request has been noted. No ETA on when it might be added though.

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Hi Blake

I agree, minimum planned landing fuel is a must for planning.
On the B744 at my employer, we had company policy of 12.5 tons as minimum.
FYI: burn when heavy is 12 tons/hr, light is 8 tons/hr, approximately.