Sorting & Searching for Previously Created Flights?

In v8, I have a long list of previously created flights that I can now see. However, how can I search within my list of created flights?

Also, how can I alphabetize them? In v7 when was able to alphabetize or list them by creation date.

Lastly, can you (if it doesn’t exist yet) allow a search to show destinations as well? In version 7 when alphabetized it was always based on the beginning letter of the name of the created flight. But it would be great if I typed in let’s say KJFK, all the results of any flight I’ve ever created either departing KJFK, or going into KJFK would show up. That would be great for online events or even bad weather scenarios where I want to all the airports I’ve already planned from to go into the desired destination I’m searching for. Thank you!


Please see Sort out Flights by Name - #2 by Ian