Search results are in reverse or undertermined alphabetical order on V8

Didn’t look at possible previous reports regarding that but Search function returns results in reverse ICAO code alphabetical order. An example, typing “KB” displays airport list as KBZN, KBYY, KBYL…KBAB.
When typing “MERL” search string, waypoint list display is totally unsorted: MERLS, MERLO, MERLE, MERLI, MERLY, MERLU
Unless I didn’t do it properly, seems to me result list sort could be improved.
In addition, I do not see any “filter” function (airports, navaids, WP) that existed in V7. Did I miss it from somewhere
Note that it is for the Cloud version

Kind regards


Hello Hervé.

That was very observant of you. I also think airports should be listed in the opposite order. We will have a look.

You are right, the search filter doesn’t exist in this version. I can add a request for the dev team to consider adding it back.

Kind regards