The procedure in the title is missing. RNP A is present, but it requires arc capability, which many add-ons lack. RNP B does not.

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we need at least a few basics like what addon, what sim, …

Due this lack on information, I can give only a general answer. Most of the addons (95%) don’t support procedures without an assigned runway, like VOR-B, RNP-A, NDB-C, … approaches.

The MSFS2020 as example does support such kind of approaches and here you can select these approaches. Therefore, on these addons, sims where this will not supported, we don’t export it to avoid any errors, CTDs or similar else.


I apologize for any confusion. The procedures are for specific runways, I was trying to communicate there is a RNP VISUAL FLIGHT PROC RNP B for both runways 31L and R, both are missing. These are separate procedures, and the RNP A is available for both runways.

This is X-Plane 11, using the Flight Factor 767, which uses the X-Plane navdata.

@NAVData, did you see my reply?

Hello. I’m quite sure FF767 doesn’t use native X-Plane navdata. You might be using the default AIRAC provided with the addon which is a few years old. Are you sure you have installed latest AIRAC for FF767 on FMS Data Manager by adding an addon mapping for the specific addon?

It does use native x-plane navdata, the AIRAC in the FMS changes when it’s updated.

Hello. I’m sure it uses its own navdata. Please check the attachment below.

Hi Dirk

yes, but during the AIRAC releases the support time is limited and we can´t answer immediately and it could be possible that we need a few hours more. Thank you!

After your specification (I misinterpreted your first/initial posting - sorry for that), I have looked now deeper into this case and indeed, I can confirm, that the Rxxx-B Visual Flight Proc is missing but the approach with the A-suffix is available. It´s the same as in our source, so currently it´s also unclear for me, why the VFP-A is available but not the VFP-B sorry.

We will try to find this out with our data provider and I will come back with an information here. But please be patience, don´t expect the answer immediately - they need time to verify also, when this is a unclear situation.

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PS: I will let this topic open, as a “reminder” that there is no solution at the moment

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Thank you, sorry for the impatience

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No prob Dirk, thanks for your understanding … We will inform you here, when we have any news from our data provider.

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