Simlink with 2 PC's

I have Navigraph on a client pc, separate from (but on same network as) the MSFS PC. Can Simlink work on the client pc, if so how do I set this up, as I can’t seem to get a link?


You install Simlink on your MSFS PC and not on your client PC.

Simlink sends your aircraft coordinates to our servers, which places the Moving Map icon on the charts you download from the server when running Charts.

Please see also How do I run Navigraph charts on a 2nd pc local network? - #2 by Ian


Thanks, Ian, I have done that, I just placed my plane at gate 10 at LSGG, the coordinates seem to be picked up

but I don’t see my plane on the charts

As an aside, it did install a P3D v5 plugin initially (even though I had uninstalled P3D and now have MSFS), I selected to uninstall that plugin


You need to click the Moving Map icon:

Please note you wont see the aircraft icon on Parking Stand maps such as 10-9B at ESGG which are not geo referenced. Please see Moving Map for Parking Stands - #2 by Ian


Finally! A fantastic new feature.

How to get the colour charts?

Thanks, Ian, yes I came across that post about geo-referencing, what a pity because it is mainly taxiing and with parking charts that I need it. Prosim has a Map option within its Instructor Station which works well but, if the sim has different data from Navigraph, you have to flick between each (eg taxiway is B in Navigraph but Z in sim). Maybe this won’t be an issue with your wonderful Navdata Center for MSFS, does that update taxiway, parking stand data as well or just navaids?