Simlink support for PSX?

Almost a year ago, there was a thread here about Navigraph/Simlink support for a moving map with PSX. This was a great idea, and would be really well-received by PSX users. The response was that it was under consideration. I am posting to ask if there are any updates on this.



I would like to know as well. I know that there was a strong support for this feature to be added (in the already mentioned thread). As it was explained by many active developers of add-ons for PSX, it is quite straight forward thing (PSX is very user friendly), and should not take much of your valuable man-hours.

It would allows us, PSX users, to take a full advantage of your product. As a long time subscriber of Navigraph products, my hope is that you will provide support for PSX.


Hi Team,

Charts 8 has had most of our attention at present, and will for a while till further functionality is added. We shall then review potential developments such as Simlink for PSX.


Thanks Ian.

Still hope that Navigraph will add PSX to supported sim.


it’s a pity, that you’re not going to natively support the most versatile and serious simulator out there!!

Two feature requests are an important wish from our huge PSX-community:

  • route export to the PSX .route format
  • moving map support - direct native connection btw. chart app and PSX

Interfacing PSX is not a challenge, and well documented! So, your developers who created the outstanding Version 8, should not have huge troubles implementing these two important features.

On the other hand: those features would be another USP of your solution!

Hans G. Schuetz

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As a long time user of PSX I second this request.

That would be excellent!
Regards Greg

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