Simlink Request - Support for Aerowinx PSX

Dear Simlink team,

it’s been a year since the last time this topic came up, a lot has happened in the meantime. We are more than happy to be able to rely on the navdata provided by Navigraph and our community is growing. Some of the big showcase Boeing 747 simulator cockpits are based on PSX - but who am I talking to, most flight simulation veterans know this I guess :slight_smile:

Now, the thing we’d absolutely love to see would be native support for Aerowinx PSX by Simlink to have the phantastic moving map feature available at any time in any configuration/setup.

As mentioned in this thread it should be fairly easy to implement. A big bonus are two factors I’m always happy to see in a professional environment:

  • the developer Hardy Heinlin shows an extremely humble, supportive and down to earth attitude which makes it enjoyable working with him.
  • interfacing Aerowinx PSX not only is quite simple but also very stable in terms of changes to expect - so far there is very likely nothing expected to be changed in the existing variables and interfacing methods.

Thank you for your amazing work and products, I enjoy using them for many years now.




I would also very much appreciate it if you would now consider adding this feature to Simlink as it is not always convenient to be obliged to have a ‘scenery generator’ running in the background to have the Navigraph moving map capability available for PSX.

Another vote in favor.

Once again, my vote in favor.

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Another vote in favor !
Definitely a welcome feature!

And another vote for this.

+1 Vote for this vital feature!

I would also like to put in my twopence worth for this option…
Vote Yes please!

I would appreciate this feature.

One more vote for this.

Another vote in favour of the just request.

I would like to ask the Navigraph/Simlink team to look at this matter seriously and to finally give support to Aerowinx Precision Simulator.

You can’t leave out of support perhaps the best simulator ever made for the Boeing 747.

We are also your customers with annual subscriptions and we want to enjoy the same services as the rest of your customers.

Best regards

Exactly - as I wrote in my initial message (which has been cited above, thanks), the PSX interface is rock-stable and easy to implement. Some 20 lines of code should do it, plus some overhead for error handling (wrong IP/port, loss if connection), for UI amd to handle the situation where PSX and another sim (XP, P3D, MSFS) run simultaneously on the same (or different) PCs (which is the case in some PSX setups). But that should be all.

Would love to see some tiny percentage of capacity from the excellent programming team devoted to this (hopefully small) project.


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Another user of Navigraph and Aerowinx PSX here which would really like to have SimLink working with that sim.

+1 please - The implementation is literally… open socket connection, parse anything that says Qs121… job done… Thanks in advance!

Another vote please- it’s been a long time that we have all been waiting. Thanks for the consideration.


Me too, i Use Simlink / Navygraph since ages with P3D and MSFS, but i would appreciate to have it in PSX too.

Hi guys,

We’ve noted your interest. We are planning some major updates to the Simlink app in the coming months, and we’ll investigate adding PSX support. Please standby for a while longer.

Kind regards,



Sounds promising!

Please let us know if we can help in any way - I’m pretty sure everyone in these threads would be more than happy to get this going, and there is plenty knowledge available in the PSX community in terms of interfacing that phantastic simulator.

Looking forward!



Yes I also would appreciate simlink navigraph support for PSX aerowinx
Thank you in advance, Franz


We are about to embark on that major rewrite of Simlink and the moving maps infrastructure, and we’ll definitely consider adding support for Aerowinx.

Kind regards,