Simlink shows wrong position - XP11 & Apple Silicon

I am also experiencing the same issues. Multiple Simlink reinstalls (including application support and XP12 plugin deletes) does not solve the issue. Moving map always shows me off the east cost of Africa no matter where I load.

Running XP 12.05r and Simlink on a M1 MBP running Monterrey 12.6.

Also experiencing this issue. Happy to provide any logs that might help!

  • X-Plane 12.06r2 (via Rosetta)
  • macOS 13.5.2
  • MacBook Pro with M1 Max
  • Simlink
  • Charts (mac app and web app) 8.29.0, both get the INOP message
  • Charts (iOS app) 8.29.0 … interestingly, I don’t get the INOP message on this app, instead it crashes, completely CTD

Thank you for the reports, everyone!

We have identified the issue and we believe that we have also fixed it. An update will be issued as soon as internal testing is complete! Apologies for the inconvenience that this is causing in the meantime.

No additional “me too” or system reports are needed at this time. Please wait for the new release, try it out and then let us know how it works out!

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Sounds good. I will look forward to receiving a link to the updated Simlink app and will send a report ASAP.

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Steve Haines

Same here. I had saved an older version of Simlink before the update. After I installed it everything works again. MAC OS Catalina, XP12.

Hi, it is possible to share it ?

Hello everyone! We just released a new Simlink version that should fix this issue. Please update to the latest version, and make sure that the X-Plane plugins are up-to-date! They should be upgraded automatically when installing the new Simlink version, but you can also open the “Plugin status” page and press the Uninstall Simlink button followed by Install Simlink.

Let us know if this solves the issue for you!

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Thanks, @skysail, my plane is now in a slightly different part of Africa. Good work! :sweat_smile:

Not fixed, unfortunately. macOS 13.5.1 (need to apply the 13.5.2 update, but I don’t have a reason to believe it will change anything), Navigraph Simlink, X-Plane 12.06r3, X-Plane is running under Rosetta2 (too many aircraft without native support).

I’m comfortable gathering whatever data you’d like.

This image here shows the latitude and longitude that Simlink is getting, but my plane was at KEWR (I believe at A7, but I didn’t check the gate last time I launched it).

The problem has been resolved for me with the latest Navigraph update (Simlink + Navigraph).
Mac Mini M1 / MacOS Ventura 15.3.2 / XP 11 (last version)

Hi @ryanov ,

It looks like Simlink Pluings are not updated on flight Simulator.

Please, reinstall the Simlink Plugins after performing this cleanup steps.

Let me know if you still have the issue.


Vishal Ahir

On a Mac Studio and I am having the same problem. The pink triangle doesn’t show or when it does it’s not mirroring where the plane really is.


Did you follow me and @vishalahir steps? Completely uninstall Simlink and remove the plugin from <x-plane install directory>/Resources/plugins, then install Simlink and the plugin again.

It is important that you are on the latest version of both Simlink and the plugin!

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I just went to the main download page and retrieved the latest charts and Simlink plugin installers, ran those and then restarted XP12. I am located at KJAC in Wyoming and that’s where my aircraft icon is situated on the main NC map. I will perform the flight and check back to insure the app is tracking the airplane properly. But right now though it seems that all the little nuts and bolts are reinstalled properly.


Steve Haines

Sounds good! Just to make sure, when installing the new Simlink version - did you get a message about the plugins being updated or installed?

If not, and if you are still having issues, there is a chance that you have the latest Simlink version but that the X-Plane plugin is out of date and still has issues. In this case, you can follow these instructions:

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@vishalahir Thanks; I did not recall ever installing the plugins, but I suppose it must have been part of the initial install. That solved the problem. I had to remove the application data yesterday because it was refusing to log in. Today all I had to do was go to the plugin section of the program, and Uninstall/Install.

I think no. There is a copyright of navigraph. Maybe navigraph can provide an older version.

Not sure I fully understand this, but there is a new, update version available now that should fix the issue that this topic is dedicated to! No need to download an old version.

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That was because there was a request if I could make the old version available. But in principle I do not send programs from third parties. But with the new update this may no longer be necessary.

It seems like we have had several success reports so far, and the ones that have still had issues have had them resolved by following our steps to reinstall the X-Plane plugin.

I will consider this topic solved for now. If you disagree, please let us know ASAP - the topic will close in two days!

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