Simlink sending, but navigraph not receiving

Running P3D 4.5 and latest versions of navigraph charts and simlink. I had been away from the setup for a bit, and back now and updated all the apps. I had success previously in getting geolocation, but it appears to not be working now.

Simlink appears to be sending a proper location …



For good measure I did step through and completely erased all traces of simlink in the flight sims installed (as outlined in this forum), and reinstalled Navigraph 7.5 and simlink, fresh from the download links. I am only using P3D now.

On the Navigraph main moving map, I can click the up chevron, it changes from white to magenta, but no moving icon on the page, and no GPS crosshair (like I remember from before) to center the map on your location.

On a chart, once I’m within the boundaries, I can sometimes get a localization magenta icon appear at the top of the chart, straight up, but it does not move, does not correlate with my location, and disappears after a bit of movement of the aircraft.

[FIXED this side iissue] I do have an older version of Navigraph listed (7.1.33) in the Programs Remove dialog, which will not uninstall, it indicates Windows cannot find the Uninstall Navigraph Charts.exe file. I checked, and that directory does exist in the Program Files directories, but it is empty. Simlink does live there (right beside), in its own directory. I have no other working version of Navigraph on the computer. That may or may not be related.

Navigraph Charts is able to download my current flight from Simbrief, and appears to remember all the charts previously selected, and no issues viewing the charts. Map is OK too, just no geolocation.

I did recently link up my Navigraph and SimBrief accounts, but seems unlikely that would be related.

Standing by for help, would really like to see my geolocation working again.


* Orest

[Disregard this side issue, fixed by some Registry editing, geolocation issue remains]

Hi Orest,


As a test try disconnecting any Antivirus or Firewall.


Firewall is OFF. No anti-virus running.

I fixed the uninstall/install issue. I went into the registry and removed all the UNINSTALL entries for Navigraph. I could now install Navigraph again.

BUT, still no geolocation, as per my first post.

Sorry about the side issue distraction.

* Orest

This is what the chart view looks like, with that non-functional geo-location chevron, sitting motionless at the top of the chart. It disappears when I move the plane.

At this point I’m sitting at a gate at the terminal.

It almost looks like it thinks it should be displaying something, but is getting a NULL location string or something, and defaults to a top/center position.

Again, on the main map view, there is no sign of the geolocation icon at all, and no GPS crosshair to force the map to center to your position.


* Orest

Hi Orest,

We did have an issue with Simlink installs with different P3D versions. Might be worth checking out:


Simlink Plugin may not connect with P3D when you have or have had:

Navigraph Simlink installed into two or more version of P3D flight simulator.
e.g. P3D V3, V4 and V5.


Navigraph Simlink may not connect when starting P3D V4 or V5 even if the Plugin status shows correctly installed.

Cause of Issue

Navigraph Simlink Plugin library (DLL) was not correctly installed for P3D V4 or V5 into P3D version Plugin folder which is located at system Document .

Navigraph Simlink was not able to install correct version of Plugins in P3D Add-ons folder due to P3D V4 or V5 Add-ons “folder” actually being a shortcut to P3D V3 Add-ons folder.



To fix this issue just follow below steps,

  • Open Navigraph Simlink Plugin Setting Window from Navigraph Simlink application.
  • Uninstall all P3D version (V3/V4/V5) simulator plugins by click on “Uninstall Simlink” button.
  • Delete shortcut file of Prepar3D v4/v5 Add-ons from system Document path.
  • Now install Navigraph Simlink Plugin for P3D simulator by click on “Scan & Install” button from Navigraph Simlink Plugin Setting window of Simlink application.

I found that post, and although it doesn’t quite describe my issue, I did actually go through looking for shortcuts (vice actual directories), there were none.

In my setting Simlink is actually connecting to P3D 4.5 (only), and is reportedly sending the proper location to the Navigraph servers, as its window suggests. There is no other instance of Simlink installed or running.

* Orest

Hi Orest,

We are investigating. Will get back to you, likely during week day.


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Hi Orest,

Please check your PM’s. Can you please confirm this issue is resolved.


No change, issue is still there. I am away this week, will pencil in a session with support next week.

Thanks for the responsiveness!

Issue is resolved.

It turned out to be a very sneaky creeping (partial) failure in one of the network switches in my local network. It was scattering data packets, but only affecting some network functions, making it hard to track down.

  • Orest
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Hi Orest,

Thank you for the update. Glad it is resolved.


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