Simlink Popup Issue

Usecase: Start up computer.

Expected behavior: all programs start with no pop-ups or issues

Actual behavior: pop-up window of “Simlink already running on computer”.

Attempted fixed: Removed simlink, redownloaded and re-installed and issue remains. Please help.

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What method is used to have it start at up?

It sounds like you have two methods running concurrently. An example might be something like having the application itself configured to run as the OS starts, and you log in, as well as having it defined in the MSFS “EXE.xml”.

occurs during start up of computer… don’t start any other programs.

In that case try turning this off, then reboot:


tried that and it works fine. but that’s the problem. all i did is the latest update of simlink and now this problem exists… what changed?

I can’t say, but sometimes toggling an option can fix things. You could try turning that option back on again, relaunch the sim, then see if the issue is resolved. If it isn’t, turn that option off again, reboot, then confirm Simlink isn’t actually running in the background. You may have another process launching it.