Simlink simultaneously ON and OFF

After days of frustrating attempts, trying to log-in with all sorts of nicknames and email addresses (including Google mail login) I give up and ask for support.

I am running: Win 11, updated daily (today Jan 14th)
MSFS always checked and up to date
Simlink uninstalled, downloaded anew and reinstalled four times (last one yesterday Jan. 13th)

I tried:- Simlink reset (after directions in the Forum),
- Environment variables reset (after directions in the Forum),
. Firefox “Fix” (unnecessary)
- repeated login attempts (as above).

The net rsult is in the attached screenshot: Simlink is simultaneously ON (I am succesfully connected and it runs in the background) and OFF (such that I cannot get the moving map).
I managed to get a log file, which I am also attaching.

There is certainly a solution to all this, but why should it be so confused and messy?
It did work so nicely in the background …
Thanks for your attention and help,
simlink_2024-01-14.dlog (6.7 MB)

Hello! Welcome back to our forum!

Apologies for the inconvenience, this is not intended behavior. Let’s investigate this together!

Have you verified that Simlink now shows the same username as the one shown in the settings menu of Navigraph Charts?

Kind Regards,

Thanks for your reply. Indeed, by closer inspection of my account data I managed to PARTIALLY solve the problem, i.e. I can get both Charts and the moving map working.

The new issue, however, is that Simlink refuses to start automatically (be it at PC startup or at MSFS startup). In order to get the moving map I must “open” (launch) Simlink manually (e.g. from the taskbar).
I checked the processes in the Task Manager, checked the startup items, disabled/enabled Simlink (oddly enough there are two identical instances of it enabled) but no change.
Almost there,…thanks.
kind regards

Good to hear!

Is this setting enabled in Settings?




Both boxes ARE checked, and Simlink is also listed and enabled with the startup items (Task Manager\Startup Items).

I then made an accurate monitoring during Sys startup: Simlink DOES NOT start with the System, as it should. In my case at least, it once started with MSFS, but in most cases it has to be started manually (many attempts made).
I am puzzled.

Hi there,

If you use any antivirus or security software, please verify if Simlink is blocked from the startup application list.

Best regards,
Vishal Ahir

No antivirus whatsoever or security SW, other than the built-in Windows Defender.