Simlink not authenticating

Have been using without issue almost daily and now, midflight I lose my simlink connection. Reconnect just hangs on authentication.



Please advise which Operating System, which Flight Simulator and which aircraft.

What has changed on your system since it was working e.g. Windows update , Antivirus update etc.

As a test, please try setting a different browser e.g. Chrome as your default browser, restart machine and run Simlink again.


Hello Ian, thank you for your response.

Nothing changed on my system as this occurred mid-flight. It’s happened before but I simply re-started Simlink and all worked fine again. This time it would not restart. The simlink authentication process would not connect. I was still able to bring up the charts it was just no moving maps.

Also note that I fly the sim almost everyday and this is the first time I’ve encountered this problem (with the exception noted above and that was months ago).

PC running Win11- 22H2
PMDG 737

I will setup another flight soon and let you know if the problem persists.

Dan Anziano

The problem indeed persists. As soon as I try and enable the moving map I get the “Could not connect to simulator!” error message at the bottom of the Navigraph Charts window.


Okay Ian, so I signed out of Simlink and changed Compability properties to Run as Administrator and re-ran the app. Simlink came up and then asked me to sign into my Navigraph account which I did and all of a sudden it’s all working again!

Kind of crazy as like I said before I’ve been flying many hundreds of hours and never had this authentication problem. But I’m happy it’s working now.



I’m having this issue as well - Simlink disconnecting and failing to retain authentication. I’ll try to run it as an administrator, but just like the OP said, it’s weird that all of the sudden I have to run it with admin rights.

I’m having this issue with Win11 / P3Dv5

Same here. Simlink fails to authenticate and very unstable……