Simlink Feature Request - Aerowinx PSX support

Dear Navigraph Simlink team,

since Navdata cycle 12/2021 Navigraph supports the (standalone) Aerowinx PSX simulator which is a major step forward for us Aerowinx users. I already said “thank you” to Richard, but thanks again once more.

I’d like to ask one question to the Simlink team, which is actually a question asked more than once in the Aerowinx forum.

The question is whether Simlink can be extended to support Aerowinx PSX directly.

Currently, the position of the Aerowinx PSX simulator - which is a standalone simulator (with a very basic visual scenery) can only be shown in Navigraph Charts when a visual scenery system is connected (by an add-on which transmits the PSX sim position to the visual sim), typically P3D, XP11, MSFS. For this setup, Simlink gets the position “as usual” from the (visual) flight simulator.

Now, some setups / users however, use Aerowinx PSX in a standalone setup and wish to see their position on Navigraph charts nevertheless. I wonder whether a PSX interface can be added in Simlink?

Background Information:
Since Aerowinx PSX is designed for home cockpits with multiple instances running in parallel und multiple connected add-ons, it has by design a very simple yet powerful interface to access (and modifiy) data.

The PSX-specific code can be handled in - let me guess - 20 lines of code, e.g. easily, plus some error handling and the UI handling (e.g. if both PSX + P3D present, connect only to one user-selectable sim)

e.g. in Pascal
// Connect to PSX

// Event Handler: OnReceive Event from TelnetClient
ReceivedData := TelnetClient.GetMessage // ASCII text, CR/LF seperated
// eventually, a line will come by which starts with the Qs121 variable and “;” separated data
// like this ‘Qs121=5732;-7;1.108087;30935472;487968;0.55015;-0.763793’#13
// do some RegExpr
lat := 180/Pi * 0.55015; // item 6
long := 180/Pi * (-0.763793); // item 7

Done. :grinning:

There are competent programmers in the community who surely can and will supply more demo code if required (C, Python, Java, Pascal, TCL, … ). Don’t worry about licenses and stuff, all PSX addon programmers have only written freeware so far.

It would be great to have Aerowinx Simlink support, since Aerowinx is now supported from the Navdata site. If you have any questions or need contacts, just let me know. Further discussion would be much appreciated by the PSX community.

Thanks a lot,

Since Aerowinx PSX is written in Java, it runs on any system, either Windows, MacOS or Linux.


Hi Markus,

We shall consider your suggestion. Such development/support will depend on demand.


Hello Ian,

thank you very much for considering. This is much appreciated.

I have mentioned this forum thread in the Aerowinx PSX forum to let people know and, hopefully, give feedback here, so you can estimate demand.


I forgot … the Qs121 string has also airplane heading (true!) as item 2 (3rd data item).

Hello Ian,

allow me to express an interest to add and link Aerowinx PSX to Simlink. There are many users that use PSX on standalone basis and ability to use Navigraph charts for a reference would provide many benefits.

Personally, I use MSFS as a scenery generator for my PSX flights and interaction between Simlink and PSX would be beneficial to me as well. For one, I would be able to cross check if my hand-flying skills are acceptable. For second, it would give me greater situational awareness at airports that I am not very familiar with (and also help VATSIM ATC).

As we (PSX enthusiasts) are benefiting from Navigational updates, I would welcome this addition. We are very grateful to your support in this area. I know that PSX is easy to code for and Markus provided evidence of it. I have to say, that this made me decide to stay with Navigraph, rather than looking for alternatives.

Hence, I really hope that your team would be able to find a moment for us.


This would indeed be a fantastic step if this feature would be considered for PSX users.

I would like to add my support to it being considered.

Kind Regards

Stephen Bell

Dear Navigraph Simlink team,

as longtime user of Navigraph I would be very happy to have this PSX direct feature.

Thanks in advance,

Ditto here - it would be great to have this feature for PSX! M

Great suggestion! This would be a very helpful feature…

I also think that this would be a great feature. Thanks for considering the proposal.


Yes please! The PSX community would love to see this feature implemented!

Regards, Steve.

Yes, that would be a nice helpful feature for PSX users.

Would be much appreciated to see the native support for PSX in Simlink.

A very useful capability. Could open up a new market of sim enthusiasts as potential clients for Navigraph if native support for PSX was provided.

I agree, this would be very useful. Thanks for the consideration.

I’m a long-time user of both Navigraph and PSX, and I would use this feature as well. Thanks for considering it.


Add my name to the list of Aerowinx users who would welcome this feature very much.

Best regards,


Yes that would be perfect. I‘m a longtime User of Navigraph and PSX.
Greetings Tom

Hello, I also would appreciate this feature very much. Thanks in advance.


I too would very much appreciate this

The possibilty of having an Aerowinx Interface in Simlink would be very much appreciated.