Simlink does not work

Simlink does not work still i have done things a guy said to fix another guys same problem that it is not running please help

which version of Simlink do you have? Are you logged in correctly? Can you make a screenshot of the SimLink setup page, when the sim is running?

Thank you

PS: which guy said what and where, do you have a reference link for me, that we can check, what the guy and you have still tested/made to svoid possible additional work, when its still tested.

I ask because, I only see two postings here under you username. Thank you

yes moment i am logged in correctly

You’re using an account without a subscription … The username SoaringPilot447 has no subscription, but there is another one from you, with a subscription.

Logout the current used user “SoaringPilot447” and login with you account with the valid subscription.

I have written this here too:


smart guy thanks ues i found out that i used wrong acc abt the sub

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